Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 44

Thankful For...

Imperfection and Grace

Tonight Dylan and I went on a date
Dates have become more special in our relationship this year
We are getting married and understand spending quality time together is important, especially in marriage
It is so easy to live in a routine together and forget the elements of a strong relationship

As I am sure many married couples have learned, dates are no exception to our imperfections that seem to peak up during inconvenient times
The date started out with Dylan and I spending time looking our best for one another
Dylan surprised me with gorgeous flowers at my house
He opened every door imaginable
We laughed our way through supper
Dylan paid and pumped my gas in the freezing cold
Knowing my true love in life, he bought me dessert (ice cream, of course)
And then we came to my house and I told him he was rude for his actions toward me, never listened to a word I said, interrupted while I spoke and lived an ill disciplined life

Then, he forgave me

We both have so much to learn about a Christ-centered relationship

Grace, such a kind and undeserving word

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