Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 48

Thankful For...

Today wasn't perfect because I finally cooked a meal that was not dried out
Today wasn't perfect because I didn't curse
Today wasn't perfect because I finally filed an expungement correctly without shredding 6 wrong copies
Today wasn't perfect because I'm getting married
Today wasn't perfect because I ate Chick-Fil-A
Today was perfect because God was once again constant during my day
God was strong
God was encouraging
God supplied wisdom
God offered peace contentment
God was who He said He was going to be: The Great I Am

Dylan had his first graduate school interview today
Such a blessing to even receive an interview

And yet, there are more things that Dylan and I desire besides graduate school:
Being a good witness to our families
Becoming foster parents
Serving the Lord with our whole hearts
Learning to love one another

It will be exciting to see how God will intertwine our passions

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