Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 51

Thankful For...


Tea isn't one of those drinks that you drink when you are in a hurry
Tea is not drank and soon forgotten

No, people drink Tea when they are stressed and want calmness
People drink Tea when they want quiet, peace time in their busy schedule
Tea represents comfort and openness
Tea warms up our cold feet in the winter
Tea brings up thoughtful productivity
When a good book is sitting on the end table, Tea always accompanies

Tea is like an old friend
When you sit down with a cup of Tea you feel like your "old" self
Fond memories begin to flow from your mind when you take that first sip of warm Tea

You begin to remember how much you have forgotten the simplicity of life
You begin to slow down and delight in small, everyday blesses
You feel at peace and rested

Oh, how I love a warm cup of Tea tonight reminds me of how God uses the smallest aspects of life to impact one another

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