Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 70

Thankful For...


I feel like I am juggling a million tennis balls all at once
Strangely, I don't really want it to end

I don't want to graduate in two months
I don't want to move away from friends and family
I don't want to start all over, again
I don't want to be shaken out of my comfort zone

Last year, I could not wait to graduate
This year, I really don't want to graduate

Sure I want to get married and finally hold that piece of paper, officially making me a graduate
But what about how everything else in life is going to change?
The highlights always sound appealing
But what about the hard stuff in between all of that?

It's really not about what I want though:)


  1. The last sentence of your post there is my favorite.

  2. Haha yes:) Ah, reality-hits us square in the face.