Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 79

Thankful For...


Dylan and I just came back from Kansas for grad school interviews
My car has problems, I'll just put it out there
2 flat tires this week
Engine over heating
Heater/defroster is broken
Doors randomly open while turning sharp turns (and when I mean open, I mean fly open/almost hitting oncoming cars)
Funny, grumbling noise from underneath my car

It's a kinda older car
But you know what I love about it: It Can Be Repaired
Just like my relationship with God

I think I prayed more this weekend than I have in months, maybe years
Not for grad school interviews
Not for the car falling apart or driving through 4 hours of a winterstorm
But for the damage that has been done between God and I
The mistrust
The unfaithfulness
And then the Grace
These past few months have certainly been learning months for this girl

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