Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 104
Thankful For...


I am daily impacted by my internship, in so many ways.
Have I ever realized the extent to which God has protected me in this life?
Not just from sin, but physically as well?

Years ago, a car accident drastically changed a young girl's life
She is now mentally handicapped and soon will be a mother
She is on probation

When I worked at the YMCA in high school, there was a mentally handicapped man, JT, that would come into the Y almost every night
He was in his 40s
He walked in every night, very spunky, slammed his red gym bag on the counter and told me the same joke every night, which he found hilarious every night
I learned a few months after working at the Y that this man had not always been mentally handicapped
He irresponsibly got into a car accident one night while he was intoxicated
He was 18
I hear stories of how this man used to be before his accident...and he's completely different
I used to wonder if there would ever be room in heaven for this man...and now this girl

Will they ever fully be able to experience and comprehend the joy that I have found in the Lord?

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