Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dylan and I...

are jobless, and hence careerless
are homeless
are foodless
are whitepicketfenceless
are medicalinsuranceless

But by the grace of God...

I have a temporary job that will start next month
We have loving family who lovingly, without a second thought, will take us in
...and who feed us:)

It is scary being married...we are a family now and have to take care of one another
I can't just go along on my own accord...Dylan's still here
Things have not exactly turned out like we planned they would a month ago when we said our vows...and that's okay and in some ways expected

We're okay with God throwing up these roadblocks...we're growing and growing together during these struggles.  But when will God provide housing, food, jobs, insurance?  Weren't these struggles supposed to come later...as in not the first month we are married?

We are slowly realizing that we trust God to provide...but are we faithful?  Are we faithful that He will provide in His own time?  Are we faithful that these struggles will not only stretch us, but we might actually gain wisdom and faith far beyond what we expected to learn during the first month of our marriage? 

We love being married.  We love being married and serving our Lord and the people around us.  
          -that sums up our first month of marriage

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  1. i don't know how you keep your wits about you, but i love you.