Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A little encouragement yesterday from my husband...

Still no jobs
Still no health insurance
Still no "home"
Still no whatever else you could ever add to this never-ending list

God is still incredibly GOOD to us 
I am loving however short of time I have with the juveniles this summer 
(Side Note: I had been praying for months for God to bring an opportunity for Dylan and I to serve a community of people even though we don't have a regular church we attend just yet.  ANSWERED: Dylan and I are serving side by side together, working with the juveniles!  It's kinda crazy how everything worked out.  I love it so much!)
Even though I want to be a unique Better Crocker in my own home, I am loving living with my parents, grandma and sister!  I love coming home from work to a full house
I have been blessed with an incredible group of high school friends!  We have hung out a few times each week and I am cherishing every moment with them!
The land I grew up on is soooo beautiful.  I have been taking pictures of almost every sunrise and sunset.  Amazing times with God during those misty bird-chirping mornings!

God is still amazing as ever and Dylan and I are blessed!

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