Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Dylan and I tied the knot we were very practical

We did not go all out and purchase the top financial tier we could afford

We came in under budget

We focused on what was important: glorifying God through our vow and union before Him

We felt so loved by our family and friends

But, this wasn't the happiest day of my life

Many say their wedding day is the bride's day

The wedding day is when you can put on that fairytale white dress and be treated like a princess

Was this a good day...even a great day?  Of course!

However, we are loved by our family and friends every day

I am daily treated like a princess by my Father (and Dylan)

Dylan and I are consistently attempting to glorify God through our marriage

I can think of family gatherings, foggy morning sunrises with God and days where my husband and I serve together...our wedding is placed somewhere in the middle of all of these fond, cherished memories

Hmmm...peaceful memories

Here's a fun mini series our marriage operates:)

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