Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update on life

Nothing fancy, but certainly blessed!

In the past month 

Dylan and I have paid for a new car (in full!!)-blessing

I have started my new job that I love!-blessing

We have been learning more and more about each other in our marriage.  This is in part because our schedules are the exact opposite now.  We get Sunday, Monday evening and Tuesday evening together and that is it!  But, we are learning a lot about maintaining good communication, like praying for each other more since we don't see each other-blessing

Dylan loves his job still!-blessing

I am planning two trips to Ohio in the next two months (and we can afford them too!)-blessing

My first paid government vacation day starts in two weeks.  Paid vacation days...still a crazy concept to me!-blessing
Finally, health insurance!!-blessing

Found a car insurance provider for both of our cars that is half the price we originally were quoted!-blessing

We get to spend time with Dylan's family, boardgames, tasty food, and amazing company (although I miss Ohio family terribly!)-blessing

Smudge is seriously potty trained!-blessing

I still enjoy paying school loans!-blessing

I could seriously go on and on!  But please still continue to pray:)  There is much work to be done in our lives:)


  1. Praising for the blessings! Continuing to pray for the rest! (and hoping you'll come down to the CU area on one of your Ohio visits, hehehe)

  2. YAY! :) I've been praying for you! So glad to hear about all the blessings in your life!

  3. Ah!! God keeps answering your prayers, girl!! I'm so happy for you and Dylan. We will keep praying!